Groningen is the economic and cultural hart of the Northern-Netherlands and unique in its kind. It is the city of talent with a lot of energy, creativity, knowledge and ambition. Combine that with it’s no-nonsense hands on morale and you’ve got a cocktail in which innovation and entrepreneurs can flourish.

The city offers many benefits for start-ups and companies in the Internet and ICT sector. The city has two special ICT business parks. At the Zernike Campus the infrastructure and facilities are prepared for all kind of demanding ICT and online companies. Many buildings are of the highest quality standards and connected to glass fiber networks.

The University of Groningen, Hanze Polytechnics and Noorderpoort Collega provide in a permanent flow of motivated, innovative and qualified personnel. The work ethic result in high productivity. The area also offers housing, recreation and cultural amenities. The quality of living is one of the highest in the world.

The Northern-Netherlands

Groningen is involved in many innovative initiatives in the Northern-Netherlands in the field of health, sustainability, transportation, energy and ICT.

Groningen is ambitious and puts its money where its mouth is. Please watch the film “The Northern Netherlands Connection” and realize the value of this region and what is can offer your company.