The challenges cities are faced with are becoming increasingly complex. For themes such as security, mobility, sustainability and health a multidisciplinary approach is essential. With Digicity2020, CoDE combines the knowledge and skills of its partners with local coalitions that together can make the difference..

Digicity will focus on the aforementioned themes and will also engage the municipality in the further development of city connectivity and smart government. The opportunities posed by the internet of things and the aggregation of data (be it open, big, linked) are central to the approach CoDE will take on the Digicity themes.

Innovation is an ongoing process in which the goal often lies beyond the horizon. In terms of smart city, a proof of concept is not a success; CoDE strives to take its projects beyond the pilot-phase, incorporating it into the city fabric.

CoDE is involved – but not limited to – in the underneath themes:


Rotterdam has a well-developed public transport system, but also faces challenges with congestion and parking. Smarter streets can provide data as part of the answer.


Reducing our carbon footprint and developing new ways to reduce waste helps to keep the city and planet a healthy place for the next generations to come.


Society relies increasingly heavy on critical infrastructure and connectivity. Keeping this safe, secure and resilient is essential.


Healthy urban living is for many major cities a challenge. And so is the ageing population. Dealing with these challenges requires the development of new, smart solutions.


Technology moves faster than curriculums can adapt. How can we prepare people for jobs that do not exist yet?