About the Center of Digital Excellence

The public private partnership Center of Digital Excellence is an initiative of the foundation Groningen internet eXchange (GN-IX*). We initiate and engage in activities for entrepreneurs and progressive cities, focussing on themes surrounding internet of things and new data solutions. The goal of CoDE is threefold:

  • Encourage and support ambitious entrepreneurs
  • Initiate and develop solutions for today’s urban challenges
  • Further strengthen Groningen’s (inter)national image as the innovative and entrepreneurial city it is.

The parties united in CoDE share a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. By joining forces in CoDE we are able to engage in new opportunities that would otherwise be too complex. We also acknowledge the necessity of having to do so in today’s “adapt or die” environment. In fact, we embrace it.

*GN-IX was set up by the municipality of Groningen, NOM and the Groningen University in 2002 in order attract more ICT and Internet related activities to the city. They established this by creating a state of the art internet exchange hub, which still is becoming more and more important in today’s internet-dependent society.


The parties of CoDE knows what’s going on in tech and society. This allows us to initiate the challenges cities face and also in the enagegement of promising start ups.


CoDE aims for the point beyond the horzion. We strongly invest in our Digicity and Digistar activities in order to have a significant impact: beyond the pilot and start-up phase.


Succes needs to be celebrated. The outcomes of CoDE are the result of effort put in by our public and private partners. Together we put city, knowledge institutions and businesses on the map.

Team Members

The Center of Digital Excellence consists of the following people

CoDE Rotterdam

CoDE is also active in Rotterdam, check out our activities up west!

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