Center of Digital Excellence (CoDE)

CoDE is thé catalyst for ICT-driven innovation and entrepreneurship for Rotterdam and Groningen. Together with our partners we’re shaping the next economy.

We do so by accelerating ambitious entrepreneurs and engaging progressive cities in the development and implementation of innovative concepts. Our activities focus on themes such as internet of things, open/big data, high performance computing, machine learning and smart city.


CoDE is a public private partnership. Together we have a thorough understanding of the whole data chain, from sensor to end-user and everything in between. We combine our efforts on a flexible basis with local small and medium enterprises.

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Boost-up 2020 assists high potential entrepreneurs in the scaling up of their businesses. They do so by providing access to cutting edge technology, introduction to markets, opportunities for finance and personal development.

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Our excellent local networks, multidisciplinary knowledge and technical capabilities enable CoDE to offer unique solutions for todays’ increasingly complex urban challenges. Digicity2020 fuels the development and implementation of smart city concepts, going beyond the pilot phase.

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CoDE: A public private partnership

Never have so many people lived in an urban environment as in contemporary society. The dynamics of city life are increasingly complex and many of todays’ challenges are not short of wicked problems.
At the same time, the technological possibilities are greater than ever. This provides entrepreneurial opportunities for disruptive applications and smart city solutions. By gathering and linking new and exisiting data, complex issues on themes as mobility, sustainability, health, safety and education, can be analyzed, paving the way for innovation. But this difficult puzzle can not - and should not - be taken on by a single party. CoDE is set up as a public private partnership and consists of a diverse mix of enterprises, knowledge institutions and (local) government parties.


From local businesses to the world leading global ICT players, CoDE thinks global but acts local. By doing so we involve local entrepreneurs in cutting edge projects while at the same time ensuring that our innovations are embedded into the city fabric.

Knowledge institutions

With the involvement of different knowledge institutions, the CoDE projects allign with a variety of research agendas and is able to critically reflect on the valorisation of its activities.

Local government

The local government is often regarded as the main problem owner, but in CoDE they are very much part of the solution. With their active involvement in the scaling of pilots and political support, CoDE is able to give substance to their economic and smart city policy objectives.